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「觀點分享」3D列印技術將帶來另一波新創改革 (社群製造/自造者主導) / How 3D printing is changing again the game rules of startup (Social Manufacturing / Maker Rules)

source: http://www.makerbot.com/blog/2012/05/11/where-you-makerbot-classroom-edition/   請問大家可以想像「3D印表機」將會在不久將來成為小孩主流玩具的可能嗎? 當我上個月在新創的活動,聽到一個故事說,連Google的董事長Eric Schmidt都開始鼓勵所有的爸媽不要再花錢在傳統的玩具,而是要開始讓小朋友藉由3D輸出來實現自己的想像。 Can you imagine that 3D printers will become kids’ main stream story in near future? At recent startup event, I hear a story that even chairman of Google Eric Schmid became to encourage all parents to invest in 3D printer as Christmas present instead of traditional toy, because it 3D […]