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軟體工具: 生產力篇 (好用、免費、新創和專案團隊必用) / Free Online Productivity Tools

Productivity Doodles

Can’t fall in sleep over your team’s efficiency, effectiveness and communication?


面臨的挑戰 / The challenges that we face

對小型公司或剛創業的團隊,「工作效能」絕對是公司生存其中一個重要關鍵。 透過運用公認的好工具,希望同時也能在團隊裡建立好的工作習慣和溝通方式。 主要的挑戰來自每天團隊要在很多不確定的狀態,面臨到需要立即做出不同層面的的決策。最常發生的情況就是每天除了要確保團員的代辦事項即時完成,還要即時微調所有專案、客戶需求和抱怨和廠商合作事項的優先順序。

For small companies, project or startup team, 「work productivity」is one of the key to the survival of the entity. With  the use of these great tools,  hopefully small size teams are able to increase our efficiency and effectiveness by building great work habit, improving communication speed and transparency.  Everyday, not only team members need to complete the endless to-do on time, but also needs to re-priorities projects, customer requests & complaints and collaboration with vendors.


軟體工具: 免費好用推薦 / Recommended Free Productivity Tools

note: there are other great tools, because the pricing or over-powered functionality for the current size of enterprise


以下是我們團隊測試過或現階段正在使用的工具,整理出來和大家分享。 在面對不同的專案和工作,有時是很困難找到一個能滿足所有團隊的情境,所以我們多嘗試不同的解決方案。

Facing with great daily challenges, implementing the following free software tool, hopefully will help the team to improve communication speed and transparency. However, there are some great tools (not mention here) , because of their great over power functionality, as result they may not be suitable to the need of small team or startup.

Below is list of tools that we have actually tested or currently are using, and we have taken this change to organize it and share with everyone. During the search of the perfect tool, we realize that it is almost impossible to have one tool that meets all the needs.

I. 專案和工作管理 / Project & Task Management

  Trello: www.trello.com

  • 費用: 免費 (協同功能: 無限的用戶)
  • Fee: Free (unlimited users for collaboration)

  Asana: www.asana.com

  • 費用: 免費 (協同功能: 限制在三十位用戶以下)
  • Fee: Free (collaboration for under 30 users)


II. 圖片修改 Picture / Photo Editing

  Ipiccy: www.ipiccy.com

  • 費用: 免費
  • Fee: Free

  Google+ Creative Kits

  • 費用: 免費 (需要搭配GOOGLE+)
  • Fee: Free (required to use with Google+)


III. 檔案雲端存放 / File Storage

  Dropbox: www.dropbox.com

  • 費用: 免費 (2G到18G的容量限制)
  • Fee: Free (2G, limited upto 18G space)

  Google Drive: drive.google.com

  • 費用: 免費 (5G的容量限制)
  • Fee: Free (limited to 5G space)


IV. 線上溝通 線上及時同協 / Online Communication & Meeting/Real-Time Collaboration

   Skype: www.skype.com

  • 費用: 免費 (使用免付費的電話服務、一對一位的即時畫面分享)
  • Fee: Free (limited to skype free call plan & 1 to 1 user screen sharing)

   Google+ Hangout: plus.google.com


V. 文書處理和筆記 / Office Tools & Note Taking 

   Evernote: www.evernote.com

   Google Doc: 

  • 費用: 免費 (免費使用免付費的電話服務、一對一的即時畫面分享)
  • Fee: Free (limited to skype free call plan & 1 to 1 user screen sharing)

VI. 社群客服管理 / Social CRM

    Nimble: www.nimble.com  

  • 費用: 免費 (一人用戶限制,沒有多帳戶同協功能,最多存放三千筆聯絡人資料)
  • Fee: Free (1 account user limited with 3000 contacts storage and less, no collaboration)


VII. 線上表單或調查 / Online Form or Survey

   Google Doc

  • 費用: 免費 (免費使用免付費的電話服務、一對一位的即時畫面分享)
  • Fee: Free (limited to skype free call plan & 1 to 1 user screen sharing)
  • 費用/Fee: 免費 / Free

   Wufoo: www.wufoo.com

  • 費用: 免費 (免費使用三個表單,限單人帳號)
  • Fee: Free (limited to 3 forms with single account access only)

VIII. 線上社群團體 / Online Group Discussion

   Facebook Group: www.facebook.com

  • 費用: 免費
  • Fee: Free

   Google+ Communities: Google+ 中文 / Google+ English