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「第零步驟」計畫推動者 David Kuo / Promoters to Step 0 Program

David 是一位導師也是一位精實創業、敏捷式和專案管理的實踐家。他熱愛協助創新者、創業家和企業在推出新的產品/服務時,加速他們「尋找商業模式和做市場區隔的階段」。

David透過協助在各大企業(如澳洲航空、萊爾富、法國巴黎人壽(BNP Paribas)、TTL…等)和超過一百隊創業團隊輔導經驗的累積,目前正著手推出自己創出的「第零步驟」計劃,讓大家可以用更口語化、簡單快速理解的三個核心觀念,學習創新的成功方程式。


David出生於台灣,並在加拿大接受教育。2010年,他回到台灣,組成家庭並開始創業之路。他致力於協助推動台灣創新者和企業從ODM/ OEM的成功經驗到21世紀的創新思維。同時積極參與非營利性組織,與台灣年輕人分享他新的學習和經驗。


David is a mentor and practitioner of lean/agile and project management. He is passionate and committed in helping innovators, entrepreneurs and companies to accelerate the “search phase” for business model and market segment when launching new product and/or service.

With his experience in conducting corporate accelerated workshops (e.g Qantas Air, Hi-Life, BNP Paribas, TTL, etc) and mentoring over 100 startup teams, he is embarking on a new initiatives with launch of his proprietary “the 0 step” program in which he is committed to simplify the learning of innovation into 3 key steps.

David is fluid in social and business practices between the East and West, and this experience enables him to assimilate the success formula and best practices of both worlds. He loves to share and is certified to teach in the discipline of both agile and traditional project management. (PMP® & PMI-ACP®)

David was born in Taiwan and educated in Canada. In 2010 he came back to Taiwan to start his family and his entrepreneurship journey. He is committed to help Taiwan innovators and companies from ODM/OEM success formula to 21st century innovation. He is also heavily involved in non-profit initiatives to share his new learning and experiences with Taiwan youth.

He believes with “share, try and learn” as the 3 key values of the 0 step program where anyone can learn to innovate.





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