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Can entrepreneurship solve unemployment? (Video & Slide)

Can entrepreneurship solve unemployment? // 請問創業是解決就業的好方法嗎?

APEC Workshop Photo


Event Overview // 活動介紹

Excited to be invited by SMEA Taiwan to speak at APEC Workshop in Thailand. The workshop brought entrepreneurship program representative from each of the APEC country.

Countries such as Thailand, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan share the progress, challenges and next step of initiatives aimed to use “entrepreneurship” as mean to help employment.



View Points and Thoughts // 分享內容和觀點

Can entrepreneurship be taught? Who should teach entrepreneurship? Should government subsidies or policies support to-be entrepreneur based on business plan or business model?

In the presentation, we are sharing example from Taiwan and movement of lean startup by shifting effort and strategy from traditional incubation center to APEC accelerator.

到底創業可以透過教育來推動嗎? 誰最適合來教或輔導呢? 是老師來交創業和是創業家來教或來輔導? 政府的就業或創業計畫要如何來支持新手創業家? 只看商業計劃書嗎? 還是來透過商業模式的驗證才來決定之助方案呢?在演講裡,很開心和大家分享台灣的改變和新計畫的推動。

目前專注改變傳統育成思維到透過新的APEC ACCELERATION ECO SYSTEM來加速市場驗證呢?

Video Presentation: 40 minutes in English

Presentation Slide: 

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