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關於第零步驟 / About The Zero Step

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第零步驟介紹 // The Zero Step Introduction

「第零步驟」是一個專為創新者打造的訓練和輔導計畫。只要是將投入或已經專注在解決台灣社會問題、創業家、發明家等都是我們服務的對象,也統稱為創新者。 結合了成功和失敗案例的分析和全球最新的思維和創新手法,我們以簡單有效的教學和輔導機制,增加創新者實現使命的成功率及大幅度縮短了需要孵化時間和資源。我們很開心的找到了台灣創新X新創的成功方程式,也希望能幫助更多夥伴改變世界並實際創造社會所期太有價值的服務和商品。

「The Zero Step」is an education and coaching program specially designed for so-called innovator.  These dedicated passionate people are often identified as change makers,  startup co-founder, inventors, social entrepreneurs, and others. By adopting latest innovation and startup mindset and learning from actual fail and success case, our clients do succeed faster and spend less time on non-value added activities.  We are all committed in helping innovator to create value that makes our world a better place to live.

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我們的使命和性念 // Our Purpose, Believe and Value


成功的關鍵是在創新者需要有「不可動搖的決心」 x「明確將要解決的問題」x「感人純普的使命」。


所有的好事絕對是圍繞者我們三大核心加值: 相信、嘗試、分享。

We are committed to accelerate change maker’s speed in launching initiatives.

We do not believe that passion and corporate slogan are sufficient in helping startup or innovation enabler team .  Everything that we do internally and as well with our customer already our 3 pilliar: believe, attempt and share.  

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為何強調第零步? // Why “Zero” and not “First” step?

特別取名 就是為了更提倡在專案經理、創新者甚至改革者在推動或推出”與現況”不同的專案或新服務新產品,需要先前準備或具備的觀念。

更以自己在很多失敗的經驗裡找到這些平常會遺漏的關鍵步驟。 取名為”第零”就是強調the missing first step to success.


The need to over emphasis the key concept and method required, specially at different stage of preparation. Regardless if one is launching a project with already a extensive experience, or adding new feature with incremental innovation in product and/or service, or even brought the courage to solve a problem in foreseeable future. 

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品牌的小故事 // Story of Our Brand

為何在我們的圖裡,都會有橡皮筋? 為何一直強調第零步呢? 那請我們的好友,也是這次很榮幸邀約協助我們從概念到LOGO設計的DAEMON來和大家分享 
Did you notice that there is “elastic band” appearing in our messaging banner? why are we stressing the “the zero step”? Why not inviting our good friend Daemon, who kindly help us with concept and logo design, to tell the story: