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「觀點分享」3D列印技術將帶來另一波新創改革 (社群製造/自造者主導) / How 3D printing is changing again the game rules of startup (Social Manufacturing / Maker Rules)


source: http://www.makerbot.com/blog/2012/05/11/where-you-makerbot-classroom-edition/



當我上個月在新創的活動,聽到一個故事說,連Google的董事長Eric Schmidt都開始鼓勵所有的爸媽不要再花錢在傳統的玩具,而是要開始讓小朋友藉由3D輸出來實現自己的想像。

Can you imagine that 3D printers will become kids’ main stream story in near future? At recent startup event, I hear a story that even chairman of Google Eric Schmid became to encourage all parents to invest in 3D printer as Christmas present instead of traditional toy, because it 3D printing allows kids to bring their imagination to life.

”3D印表機”的議題,也贏得這幾個月在全球主流媒體的不斷的報導和追中。這股熱潮,也在台灣不斷的燃燒。台灣科技媒體TechOrange和數位時代,也熱烈的報導一月十九和二十日由威盛電子和Yushan Ventures一起舉辦3D Printing Jam APC Boot Camp 活動,也軟硬體新創的重點放在如何藉由3D列印加速新創的速度和更正確的點子驗證。
The topic of 3D printing has gained popularity among main stream media. With this hype, attention has also grows in Taiwan. The Taiwan technology media such as Tech Orange and Business Week did an extensive coverage over last weekend’s 3D Printing Jam and APC Boot Camp event, jointly hosted by VIA and Yushan Ventures. The event focused on integration software and hardware play, with elements of 3D printing which speeds up prototyping and provides more accurate idea validation.


三個不可忽略的趨勢/3 must known trends

趨勢#1 速度和全球市場/Trend #1: Speed and global market


source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevefaktor/2012/10/15/how-hp-could-reinvent-3d-printing-and-itself/




Speed and global market

Validation of new idea no longer requires large up front investment for molding and minimum manufacturing quantity or setting up a job shop/manufacturing line. 3D printing allows quick prototyping from few hours to few days instead of weeks to months.

With this type of tool, the barrier of product/physical good innovation is now almost non-existent,  thus the opportunities for innovation and R&D are no longer at hands of big corporation or traditional resource owners. Now almost everyone can conduct a quick prototyping and launch at online sites and start to sell your design or actual physical good to any where in the world.


趨勢#2 社群製造/Trend #2: Social Manufacturing



Nokia上週宣布,將提供給消費者LUMIA手機背面的3D設計圖,讓自己透過印表機製作自己的外殼。 /Nokia announced last week that it will release its 3D design of LUMIA phone casing for consumer to customize and product its own personalized back cover casing through 3D printing.

source: http://conversations.nokia.com/2013/01/18/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-lumia-820-and-3d-printing/





Social Manufacturing
With the crowd funding movement, the game of “bring a product to market” is now disrupted even more with 3D printing. No longer showing drawing of your concept, but actually showing 3D prototyping model and allows direct feedback from the support / backer.

The barrier of selling your product is no longer a show stopper. Instead, through the iterative process of communicating the potential solution, backer/potential supporter will feedback and involve with the design process, which translate to “word of mouth selling” before product reaches mass production.

The concept of “design with” from Design Thinking and rapid validation from “lean startup” can all be applied during this process.

趨勢#3 自造者將主導一切/Trend #3: Maker Rules



現在,對未來世界的改變,不在是誰擁有最多的$ $或資源,而將是在實際可以改變的人的手上。 是的,目前我們的世界並不是最完美的,但是可以只要是有準備好的人,都可以在全世界的各地提出人類共同面臨問題的解決方案。

Maker rules

Today and near future’s game rule of supply chain is and will be re-written by the “makers” who are actually the one solving problem through rapid prototyping. To the exaggeration that you no longer requires to be qualified either from traditional education system or working for prestige company in order to “earn” the right to create.

Now the future is at the hand who can make a difference, not at the hand of who has the most $$ or resource. Yes, this is not a perfect world as yet, but the future is ever ready for people at any place around the world to launch a solution to a common problem.


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