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坦承會議 Confession Meeting – 參加STARTUP WEEKEND百人創業活動後的第一件最重要的事情!

Mixed group in business meeting



What are the to-dos for the team to complete the first week after attending Startup Weekend?

beside ensure that one’s passion is still burning one of the most important thing to complete with the members of the group you just met over the weekend, is to establish a common understanding about the startup you just created over the weekend.


為何要執行「坦承會議」呢?/ Why do we need to host a 「Confession Meeting」?

The most import goals are to determine the future of startup and who will be continuing this new venture with attitude of 「full honesty」

要討論多深入,有建議嗎?/ How in-depth the conversation should be? Any suggestion? 

我們建議可以討論下的議題/ We suggest the following topic: 

  1. 請問哪些團員會持續目前的新創? / Who will continue the current startup?
  2. 請問將會持續的團員,每位每周會投入的時間? / What is the commitment level for people who want to continue?
  3. 請問將來規劃? / What are upcoming milestone?
  4. 請問接下來規劃的目標和里程碑有哪些?/ What are the planned milestone and goals?
  5. 請問接下來會邀請導師和你們一起工作嗎?/Are you planned to work with any mentor?
  6. 請問在哪樣的情況或時間點,你們會成立公司?/ Under what condition or time frame will you all be forming an official company?
  7. 請問在不領薪資的情況下,你們的新創在六個月內所訂出要完成的目標,需要多少資金?/ Without counting for team’s salary, what would be the estimate fund required to complete the 6 months goals/milestone?
  8. 請問會開始募資嗎?/ Are you planned to fund rise?
  9. 請問預計第幾個月會成交第一筆?/ When will you acquire the first customer or generate the first sale?